Issues in Ward 4
Revitalizing Heritage Area
The historic and cultural area on Yonge between Major Mackenzie and Dunlop/Wright is the heart and heritage of Richmond Hill. The condition of the heart is, however, not in good shape and needs operation badly. Revitalizing the area will bring back the glory of the area that has long been identified by the residents as the downtown of the City.
Traffic Congestion
A major hurdle in revitalizing the heritage area is the traffic congestion. The issue is not without solution. But it needs the determination of the City and the York Region to take action.
Affordable Living
Property tax of Richmond Hill is among the highest among the nine cities of York Region. As inflation goes into the historical high area, a responsible Council is to limit the tax rate increase to a level that will not add burden onto the property owners.
Housing Solutions
Housing market is hot because of the supply lagging behind the demand. A better zoning policy allowing secondary units will not only help addressing the supply issue but is also good for the families to look after their aging parents or to add supplementary incomes.
Richmond Hill was ranked last in the democracy index in 2021 among the 32-largest municipalities in Ontario. The dysfunctional Council for most of the time in the current term is a major reason alienating the residents from participation. The new Council should work hard on team building to bring back the respect of residents to the Council, which is important to Get Things Done in Richmond Hill.

It’s the time to get things done!

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